"legal protection of the misrepresentation of a human being will naturally result in the legal protection of the destruction of a human being that does not conform to this misrepresentation (of arbitrary developmental age - abortion, of probable genetic defection, or of undesired characteristics)"

- philosophy of the body

The Aborted


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No one likes abortion. What are the circumstances which lead to abortion?

Abortion relies upon either cartesian dualism[1] or reductive physicalism[2] - can either of these philosophies of mind be relied upon? What risks do we take in tolerating objectification?

The Aborted supports the end of abortion through the end of Objectification - Subjectify | Philosophy of the Body | The Objectified | War on Objectification | War on Girls | Subjectification | Rehumanisation | Dehumanisation | Commodifiction.

Ultimately, it is the smallest things which count.

[1] Physics and neuroscience rule out cartesian dualism - separation of body and mind (or physical and mental processing).
[2] Our ego is based upon our own unique existence - to accept reductive physicalism is to deny our inherited belief in the significance of our own awareness.
* The alternative is called non-reductive physicalism, where our mind is mapped to neural processing in the brain, but is not of itself the brain.

"in an objectification tolerant society abortion becomes justified, as a means to destroy the natural by-product of the encouragement to objectify"

- philosophy of the body

The Aborted

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